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About us

​You Get Me is a Digital Content Agency made by women for women. That means we are a creative and specialized team made by people who self-identify as women, that only creates content for clients with a female audience.
We create social media content that is assertive when it comes to female audiences because we know what they are expecting. 

At You Get Me, we believe that every woman is unique. Therefore, every client receives individual attention when it comes to studying their audience, developing a brand voice, and creating meaningful content.

Our goal is to hear “YOU GET ME” at the end of every post on social media.

How we can help you

Let's find the best solution for your business


Monthly content creation

Are you ready to see your business grow? Stop worrying about your Social Media accounts and let us take care of everything - strategy, content creation, design, copy, hashtags, and publishing.

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Personalized mentoring

Don’t have a budget to spend with a monthly content creation plan? Then let us help you DIY! We’ll schedule four customized classes, and we’ll teach you everything we know about digital content tailored to your business.


Social Media Masterclass

Are you a small business owner struggling with your Social Media strategy? Then this course is made for you. I want to help you understand how to create good social media copy; tips and tricks to create fun content; how to sell on Instagram; and a little bit about marketing theory because it’s important, I promise you.


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